Why Every Young Professional Should Have A Website

As many Millennials (myself included) have learned in recent years, It is not our parent’s job market out there. In this brave new world, many strategies that were critical to landing that dream job in years past are no longer seeing the results that they used to. Thanks to online job boards and social media, you may be one of hundreds or even thousands applying for the same position. As a result, visibility online is paramount to setting yourself above the rest. Cultivating a positive image online is absolutely critical when the average job screening process will weed out the majority of applicants before a face to face meeting ever occurs. To stand out, A killer LinkedIn profile is key, as well as a professional appearance on other social networks as well. However, if you really want to set yourself apart, you need to go above and beyond the norm.

A personal website is a perfect way to set yourself out from the crowd.

Personal Site example

It’s 2015, your grandma is on LinkedIn. You need something to set yourself apart. Having a professional website increases your visibility online, serving as a perfect follow-up for the recruiter who just glanced at your resume and googled you. If your site highlights a specific skill set that you possess, people may even find you in their search results when searching organically. Your resume generally provides a high level overview of your skills. You can use a website to demonstrate those skills on a deeper level.

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Tech skills are extremely important in today’s job market

Companies are favoring candidates with strong technical skills, and with good reason. Whether you work in sales, HR, or any field, the average employee interacts with many complex systems daily. There are a multitude of technologies designed to improve efficiency in the workplace, those that can best leverage these technologies have a significant edge.

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Building a website demonstrates important ‘soft’ skills

Consultant Site Example
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Building an attractive personal website demonstrates a number of intangible skills that hiring managers search for. It showcases not only your technical abilities, but your creativity and personality as well. A thoughtfully designed and executed website proves your ability to manage projects effectively as well as your ability to think critically.

Okay, So How Do I Make A Website?

There are tons of options out there, many of which are free. WordPress is by far the most popular framework on the market today. Sites built using WordPress currently account for 24.8% of all websites and 58.8% of all websites built using a CMS, or Content Management System according to this report. is a perfect way to get started if you have no prior experience. Through their free service, you can build a site without the hassle and expense of hosting it yourself using a graphical editor instead of having to learn to code it by hand. You can even use your own custom domain name(I highly recommend you do, A .com with your name in it does wonders for reputation.)

For the more tech savvy individual, you can achieve a greater level of control and customization by hosting the WordPress Framework on your own web server.

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