Is your website mobile friendly?


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Mobile friendly websites have become crucial on the web today. Mobile browsing is no longer an afterthought, it now accounts for around 50% of traffic on the internet. People today expect websites to work on any device, and not having a mobile friendly website can hurt your website’s user experience, as well as directly impact your visibility in search engines. So, how can you tell if your website is mobile friendly?

mobile-friendly test

Google is nice enough to share some of the tools they use to rank websites, and this one is very useful. Simply enter your website url and hit Analyze. Google will check if your website is mobile-friendly.


What does it mean to be mobile-friendly?

Mobile-friendly sites are websites built using a responsive design. This means that the website checks the dimensions of the device it’s being viewed on, and automatically adapts to fit that device.

Check the site on mobile devices

Google can’t tell if a site is behaving precisely like it’s meant to, so make sure to test your website on multiple mobile devices, to ensure it is easy to navigate and behaves how you expect. Here’s a tool to emulate browsing on some popular devices:

What if my page is not mobile-friendly?

If Google says your website is not mobile-friendly then you are most likely not getting the most out of your website. You may be ranked lower in search results, because Google predicts users will have an unsatisfactory experience on some devices. This is important for any business, but especially local businesses that rely on people finding their address.

It isn’t the end of the world if your site isn’t mobile-friendly right now. Any experienced Web Developer worth their paycheck should be able to identify the issues and optimize for mobile. Not only will switching to a mobile-friendly design improve your user experience, but it can have a direct and significant impact on search engine rankings.