Does Your Business Need Email Marketing?

Short Answer: Yes.

Email Marketing is one of the cheapest, most effective tools you can use to stay connected to your audience. An email list lets your customers voluntarily choose to be contacted by you in the future, these are the people who WANT to hear from your business. These become some of your most valuable leads, and you can target this audience for a fraction of the cost, and with more success, than normal advertising.

There are a plethora of tools out there, free for most users, that take most of the hassle out of running a newsletter or email list. A few of our favorites:

Users on your website are simply presented with a form to enter their email, Like This:

It’s that easy. All it takes is a simple form on your website, connected to an account that stores the emails. At any point you can design and write an email to send to your whole list, or just a segment of it.

When should I start my list?
Now! There’s no rule that says you have to start sending out a weekly newsletter, but the earlier you can start getting people to sign up for your list the better.

How do I get Subscribers?

The most important thing is that you have high quality content that makes people want to come back to your site. But that still doesn’t necessarily mean they will sign up to your email list just because it exists.

The best tactic for getting email signups in 2016 is to offer them something of value in exchange for signing up. This could be an ebook, a trial for your service, a downloadable piece of content, an extensive resource list on a topic, access to a webinar, or any other piece of valuable content you can come up with for your readers.

Once you have a way for users to signup, and a reason, you can spread the word on your social networks, and personal network.

Where do I put my newsletter signup form?
Popular places for a newsletter signup form are at the end of each Blog post, or the footer of your website. A full screen popup asking them to signup is a popular and sometimes effective option, although many people find this annoying or feel that it detracts from the content on the site.

You can also create a Newsletter signup on your business’ Facebook page by integrating your email software with a Facebook App.

So what do I use my email list for?
Make sure you are offering your subscribers value, and not just advertising at them. You want to build up a following, and give those people a reason to check your emails. Generally you want to drive traffic back to your website, and usually to a specific page like a current promotion, new product, or new blog post. Just like with social networks, a healthy mix of free valuable content, and promotional content is the key to email marketing.

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