8 Free Web Design Tools Anyone Can Use


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Not everyone can be a master designer.

But that doesn’t have to stop you from creating high quality, attractive graphics for your website or social media account. The internet today has so many great tools to help simplify this process, that it can be overwhelming to figure out which websites and tools are actually useful. Here are 8 awesome FREE browser-based web design tools that anyone can use to enhance their website or project.




Paletton.com is a free, browser-based color picker that you can use to select complimentary colors or even entire color schemes. You start by choosing a color scheme: Monochromatic, Adjacent, Triad, Tetrad, or Free Style. Then you input any color HEX code, and you’ll immediately have a color scheme that works with your original color. You can play around with different color schemes, and fine tune the colors as much as you want.
[LINK: Colors In Web Design And Why To Choose Them]


Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a free font library that you can install on your site, which gives you access to over 600 high quality icons. Once installed, you simply need to use a small code snippet that you can find on the site, unique to each individual icon. Since they are loaded as fonts they load faster than images would on your site, and you can even customize the file to only include icons you are using.
[LINK: Using Font Awesome with WordPress]




Canva lets you easily design graphics for your social media accounts and blog posts, whether you’re a designer or not. Choose from stock images or upload your own, then add text and icons, no Photoshop or design skill necessary. This is a great tool to quickly design social media images.
[LINK: Design Awesome Social Media Graphics With Canva]



web design - Trianglify

Creating background textures that don’t look terrible is hard. This tool let’s you generate “triangle art” that is just subtle enough to work well as a background. You can download and install the code directly, or if you’re not a developer, you can use the Trianglify Generator.




Unsplash is a photography website that simply gives away high quality stock photos for free. The images can be used for any purpose on the web, commercial or non-commercial. There’s no catch at all, Unsplash is simply a great example of an inbound marketing project.


TinEye Labs

TinEye Labs

TinEye is an amazing reverse image search service that let’s you search by image. TinEye Labs lets you search for multiple images based on color scheme, and limits results to Creative Commons images that you can use in projects. This is great if you are looking for images of specific colors for you website or website mockup.


Color Thief

color thief

This tool allows you to extract a color scheme from any image. This is useful if you want to design a site or color scheme around a specific image.



Infogr.am is a great tool for designing infographics, and reports to use in your blog posts and presentations. It’s not the only infographic design tool, but it’s the best for charts and illustrating data. For an overview of the other good infographic design tools, read: